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All telecounselors and certified supervisors introduced by mHealth JAPAN are nationally licensed as certified public psychologists(Koninshinrishi) in Japan. They are also members of the JTA Certified Psychologist Liability Insurance. We provide the best psychological support to our clients through daily study while engaging in research, clinical, and educational activities.


Online Counselors (Koninshinrishi)

Fuminori Hara (Japanese only)


Nice to meet you, my name is Fubun Haku Hara and I am a certified psychologist. ​When I was a human resources manager at an IT company, the number of employees suffering from mental illness was increasing, and I felt firsthand the effectiveness of counseling, so I started studying counseling myself. I started working as a counselor because I wanted to support people who are working at the same time as they retire, so that they can work energetically and not suffer from mental illness. Until now, I have been working as a contract counselor for IT companies and other companies, providing various consultations to employees, as well as providing mental health training and communication training. Recently, I have been working as a member of the Industrial Health Comprehensive Support Center and have been involved in a project that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is focusing on, ``supporting the balance between treatment and work.'' Based on this experience, I believe I will be able to demonstrate my strengths in the following areas.

① Consultation regarding work (harassment, relationships with colleagues and seniors, stress check/overwork)
② Consultation regarding balancing illness treatment for yourself (including your family and those around you) and work (coordinating work and leave during long-term treatment such as taking anti-cancer drugs, etc.)
③ Consultation regarding personality and communication (skillful job requests, how to decline without damaging relationships, etc.)

For any type of consultation, we first listen to the client's situation and the pain they are experiencing. We will then work with you to identify issues and consider solutions. Thank you very much.

[Qualifications] Certified psychologist, senior industrial counselor,

Career consultant etc.

[Specialty areas] #Stress check #Harassment

# Balancing treatment and work # Communication

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Thursday  20:00-23:00
Friday  20:00-23:00
Sunday  13:00-17:00, 19:00-23:00

<Available date/time, Free slot (for educational/research purposes)>

Thursday 19:00-20:00
Friday 19:00-20:00

NOMURA Miki (English/Japanese)


I am passionate about helping people confront challenges and overcome obstacles. I have been working with individuals for over 7 years. My approach is non-judgmental focusing on providing a safe space where people can be themselves. I expect people to do things the way that works best for them in their situation.

Clinical experience
· Delivering services to support visitors with disabilities through the Public Employment Security Office and the Employment Transition Support Office
· Working with clients diagnosed with various mental health disorders, including major depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder
· Working with JET Programme participants through webmail and Skype counseling

· Certified Public Psychologist (Koninshinrishi)
· Certified Career Consultant

Educational Background
· M. S. in Psychology (2015) DePaul University, U.S.A.
· Ed. S. Career and Technical Education, Finished the program in 2015, University of Wisconsin-Stout, U.S.A.
· M. S. Applied Psychology (2009) University of Wisconsin-Stout, U.S.A.
· M. S. Hospitality and Tourism (2002) University of Wisconsin-Stout, U.S.A.

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Wednesday  19:00-22:00

Friday  19:00-22:00

SUZUKI Yuko (English only)


Hello, I am Yuko Suzuki, a licensed psychologist in New York State, USA and a certified public psychologist in Japan. I completed a doctoral program in clinical psychology in California, USA in 2004. I worked in a community mental health center in New York City. I felt privileged to be able to work with diverse clients who came from various cultures and ethnicities, trying to deal with many different life challenges and difficulties.

I would like to welcome you all. I currently provide therapy online to those who speak English and live in Japan.
I provide a judgement free space where my clients can slow down, really check in with themselves in the way that they can explore their authentic experiences.


My aspiration is to help my clients get reconnected to the real sense of who they are and how they operate in the world so that they can start making choices that really feel right for them. I am so happy and grateful to have the prospect of being able to accompany and work together with you in your very personal, at times painful, yet flourishing journey.

Certified Public Psychologist (Koninshinrishi), Licensed Psychologist in New York State, USA

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Thursday  19:00-21:00

Friday  21:00--22:00

Reika Kawamura (Japanese only)


Nice to meet you, my name is Reika Kawamura and I am a certified psychologist. I completed my studies at the Department of Clinical Psychology at the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology and obtained the qualification of a certified psychologist in 2019. I'm also a clinical psychologist. Currently, in addition to being a school counselor, I also work as a psychologist at a social welfare facility, provide developmental counseling for infants, and teach psychology as a lecturer at a university. Also, while being involved in child-rearing courses, I place myself in a variety of situations to gain a broader perspective.I value being close to what is inside each person and working together to find solutions. I am. In addition to psychological counseling, we also provide developmental testing, psychological testing, and psychological education. Through these tasks, I would like to work with patients and their families to discover the true power within them, without being limited to the form of advice. I strive to use my knowledge and skills to provide warm support in a safe and secure environment. Thank you very much.

[Qualifications] Certified Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Junior High School Teacher License Type 1 (Social Studies), High School Teacher License Type 1 (Social Studies), Stress Checker

[Specialty area】#Teacher-centered therapy  #Not going to school   #Society

  Nursing care #Developmental disorders #Child care support  #Support methods from developmental tests

  #Abuse due to difficulty in raising children​ #Foster parent support #Social care

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Monday 9:00-15:00  20:00-22:00
Tuesday 9:00-10:00, 11:00-15:00, 21:00-22:00
Friday 9:00-15:00  20:00-22:00
Sunday 9:00-12:00

<Available date/time, Free slot (for educational/research purposes)>

   Tuesday 10:00-11:00, 20:00-21:00

Daiki Nakajima (Japanese only)

中島 大樹

nice to meet you. My name is Daiki Nakajima and I am a certified psychologist. Since 2007, I have been supporting people with mental illnesses at employment support offices and in the welfare field. I became a certified psychologist in 2022, and currently have a private office and am engaged in welfare and psychology-related activities in the community and online. I have worked in fields related to work and money, and I also have experience as a manager in my previous job. ``I'm having trouble finding a job,'' ``I'm not having fun working,'' and ``I want to quit my job.'' When working as a working adult, there are many things that make you feel tired and tired. I would be happy if I could work with people who are having trouble with their jobs or find it difficult to make ends meet and think about what they should do. Thank you very much.

[Qualifications held] Certified psychologist, mental health worker, social worker

[Specialty areas] #Career #Balancing treatment and work #Poverty

  #Disability #Welfare

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Tuesday  9:00-15:00
Thursday  9:00-12:00​

<Available date/time, Free slot (for educational/research purposes)>

Thursday  13:00-15:00​



JTA certified supervisors (Koninshinrishi)

Kazuyuki Kato (Japanese only)

加藤 千幸

Hello, my name is Chiyuki Kato and I am a certified psychologist. After completing a graduate school designated as a clinical psychologist, I worked for 5 years as a psychotherapy staff member at a mother and child life support facility, and am currently engaged in counseling, testing, and examination assistance at a psychiatric clinic. At my previous job, many of the people I supported were victims of domestic violence, so I mainly dealt with trauma. For children's trauma, we have been using a therapy called TF-CBT in which parents also participate in the treatment. In addition, in order to respond to child-rearing consultations, I have obtained a qualification in parent training called Triple P, which is based on behavioral therapy, and have been practicing it. In my current position, on a busy day, 500 patients come to the hospital, so I am exposed to a wide variety of cases within the scope of outpatient treatment. There are also 1 to 3 WAIS-IV tests per week. The main orientation is cognitive behavioral therapy, but I am also willing to incorporate it as long as it is useful for the client and that I can understand. I would love to hear from you about any content related to trauma, child rearing, or outpatient psychiatric care, as I would like to work with you to understand and respond to your clients. Thank you very much.

[Qualifications] Certified psychologist, clinical psychologist, stress checker

Provider, Industrial Social Worker 2nd Class, Kindergarten Teacher Specialized License

Certificate, elementary school teacher's license

[Specialty areas] #Trauma care #Parent training

  #Understanding characteristics using WAIS-IV

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Monday  9:00-17:00
Thursday  9:00-17:00

Mai Sumioka (Japanese only)


Hello, my name is Mai Sumioka (certified psychologist). I have been involved in the industrial field for 22 years, and I have also been involved in special needs education for 13 years. Also, at the NPO I started with my friends 17 years ago, I have developed and run the Power of Listening Test, and I teach active listening classes for everyone from beginners to veterans. For counseling to build a relationship of trust with the CL and allow the CL to explore the deepest parts of themselves with peace of mind, both the ``power of mitate'' and the ``power of responses and questions'' are indispensable. Therefore, in addition to reviewing the case, we recommend reviewing the responses using verbatim records in order to specifically reflect on the responses and utilize and hone your unique characteristics. We will help you develop your skills according to your goals and challenges. Please feel free to contact us.

[Qualifications] Certified psychologist,senior industrial counselor,

Career development advisor

[Specialty areas] #Active listening instruction  #Psychological education

​ #Industrial Mental Health  #Career  #Special Support Education

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Sunday  8:00-21:00
Tuesday  8:00-21:00

Wednesday  8:00-21:00

Thursday  8:00-21:00

Friday  8:00-21:00

Saturday  8:00-21:00

Shuji Kasai (Japanese only)

葛西 修司

Nice to meet you. My name is Shuji Kasai, a certified psychologist and clinical psychologist. Currently, I am involved in psychotherapy and psychological testing at a single-specialty psychiatric hospital. In the past, I have worked in university student counseling rooms, school counselors, and government agencies. At SV, we can not only provide case consultations, but also psychological testing consultations. Our orientation focuses on interventions aimed at alleviating symptoms, and we work in an eclectic manner, picking up techniques that may be useful, such as CBT (more than behavioral therapy), relaxation, and self-training methods. We also work on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-I) for sleep disorders. In terms of psychological testing, we mainly specialize in assessing developmental disorders using the Wechsler (WISC-IV, WAIS-IV). The goals of psychotherapy and counseling may vary, but we believe that there is a great need for symptom relief among these diverse directions. If you are interested in this kind of policy, please let us know.

[Qualifications] Certified psychologist, clinical psychologist

[Specialty areas] #Medical clinical  #Psychological testing (WISC-IV, WAIS-IV)

#Cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep disorders (CBT-I)

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Sunday  8:00-11:00
Thursday  19:00-21:0

Friday  19:00-21:00

Kazuya Yonekura (Japanese only)

米倉 一哉

Nice to meet you everyone. My name is Kazuya Yonekura and I am a certified psychologist. He has approximately 39 years of clinical experience and 23 years of SV experience. Having worked in the clinical setting for many years, I have come to realize that ``people are not objects to be cured, but people who heal themselves, grow and heal by their own strength.'' If you have an intractable case or a dropout case like CL, it cannot be denied that there is something unintended in the TH-CL relationship...the unconscious is at work. I have experienced many times that when you accept what is in your unconscious as it is, not as good or bad, and accept it from the bottom of your heart as ``your own,'' some kind of physical, behavioral, and psychological transformation can occur. I have done so. Thanks to my many years of experience in medical institutions, I have a wide scope of practice, and am able to receive SV services in a wide range of areas, from developmental issues, neurosis to psychosis. With the enforcement of the Certified Psychologist Act in 2017, it became mandatory to "provide education and information to disseminate knowledge about mental health," as stated in Chapter 1, Article 2-4. In response to this trend, I would like to be able to remotely share the clinical knowledge that I have cultivated over the years. Thank you very much.


[Qualifications] Certified psychologist, stress checker,

Medical hypnosis instructor

[Specialty areas] #Neurosis area (compulsion, interpersonal relationships, depression, addiction)

   SAD, etc.)  #Psychiatric area (depression, bipolar, schizophrenia)

etc.) #Developmental areas (ASD, ADHD, LD, etc.) #Others (gen

problems, self-identity issues, etc.)

<Available dates/times for reservations, paid slot>

Monday  10:00-20:00
Tuesday  10:00-20:00

Friday  10:00-20:00

Saturday  10:00-20:00

Sunday  10:00-20:00

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