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Online counseling for everyone, anytime, anywhere in Japan. mHealth Japan is an introduction site for licensed psychologists by the Japan Telecounseling Association (JTA). Along with "Ubiquitous Counseling," Japan's first remote psychological support service by clinical psychologists (2008-2021), we have been operating "mHealth Japan" (2017-2023) for English speakers, and now we have officially released mHealth JAPAN (from November 1, 2023). Remote psychological support allows people to receive psychological counseling (online counseling) at low cost in between their normal daily lives. It reduces the time and effort required to find a nationally licensed counselor in Japan, as well as transportation costs, travel time, and waiting time for a turn. For the time being, we will refer you to a JTA member licensed psychologist who is proficient in providing psychological support via Zoom (or Google Meet), although this service is only available for those in Japan. Please follow the instructions below:

(1) Please prepare a stable communication environment (fiber optic connection recommended), a PC or tablet with a webcam, microphone, and earphones, Zoom software, and a safe and quiet environment (such as your home) where the content of the consultation will not be leaked to others.


(2) Please select a service from the top page "Appointment" or "Make a Reservation" in the menu.


(3) If you wish to receive counseling, please select the service, date, and person you wish to receive counseling from "Online Counseling (English)" for English speakers.

(4) Online payment (credit card payment or PayPal payment) is required for paid services. After applying, please check your application completion e-mail.


(5) If you have any questions about how to use Zoom, please refer to this explanation site in advance. Also, please check the webcam and microphone settings on the Zoom test site (join) prior to your consultation. (For paid services, please consult with your counselor and refer to this explanatory site when using Google Meet).

(6) When it is time for your counseling appointment, please open the Zoom (or Google Meet) URL in the application completion e-mail from an information processing terminal (PC or tablet) with a webcam. You will be able to meet with a licensed psychologist.


As a rule, we ask that you refrain from canceling or rescheduling your meeting. If you have no choice but to cancel or change your appointment, please contact us by e-mail at least one day before your appointment at the address of the psychologist in charge, which is indicated in the application completion e-mail.

プライバシーポリシー copy: テキスト
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